Our Vision
To create a more sustainable world by implementing progressive change in our local communities that supports human expression and protects the integrity of our environment.

Our Mission
To improve the livability and sustainability of our community in every real estate transaction.

Our Core Values
Honesty Integrity
Wisdom Service
Professionalism Passion
Sustainability Respect


GreenWorks Realty was the first real estate brokerage in the country to specialize in green properties. The company was founded on the idea that a local neighborhood real estate office is the perfect place to build authentic relationships, greener lifestyles, and sustainable communities. Real estate professionals are at the heart of critical transactions bringing buyers and sellers together that often signifies a central transition point in people's lives. We drive our mission by focusing on the building blocks of sustainable community, green building and community designed properties. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients through integrity and quality service.

We believe that every home can be a greener home that offers a healthy, cost-effective place to live, while reducing harm to our environment. To achieve this goal, we not only help clients find or sell existing green homes, we also offer a Healthy Home Package, free to our clients who purchase a non-green home. The package includes a home assessment and customized report of retrofit priorities and simple upgrades to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality, and enhance resale value.

GreenWorks is committed to our green values throughout our business practices. The company performed an in-depth carbon footprint analysis and implemented carbon reduction measures into our culture and policies. We are a triple-bottomline company focused on successful transactions and providing an unbeatable client experience.

Our History

GreenWorks was build upon the industry experience and vision of father-son team (remove links) Louie and Ben Kaufman. Louie grew up in a real estate family and had 30 years of real estate experience before joining forces with his son. Ben studied sustainable communities at University of Washington in the Community & Environmental Urban Planning Program, as well as learning from visiting permaculture and eco-villages and around the world. He believed real estate was an industry that could make significant environmental and social change. He was a primary organizer for a major local conference, "CoOpportunities Northwest: A Sustainable Communities Conference" held at the Seattle Center a month after 9/11. The conference's mission was to advance emerging trends in sustainable community development. Inspired by the results of the conference, Ben hung his real estate license with his father and founded Kaufman Realty in 2002 to offer a new model for real estate.

One year later, the company changed its name to GreenWorks Realty and since then has attracted kindred spirits where personal philosophies resonated with the company Mission and Vision - creating a team of real estate professionals that are passionate about sustainability and the environment.


GreenWorks agents are an exceptional group of people who are highly active in their communities. Their business is largely driven by volunteering with various organizations including the Northwest Eco-Building Guild, Built Green of King & Snohomish Counties, The Great City Initiative, Seattle Chamber of Commerce, BALLE Seattle (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), and Elderwise. GreenWorks agents have amassed an impressive list of non-profit board memberships, article presentations, public speaking invitations, green education forums, writing blogs, and supporting local charities. GreenWorks agents create warm and meaningful relationships with their clients by finding creative ways to drive the GreenWorks mission.

Today, GreenWorks offers an ever-growing suite of benefits to our team including agent coaching and education, marketing, and monthly market analysis of green real estate.

The Future

GreenWorks has proved to be a market leader and influencer. Green is just at the beginning of long-term substantial growth in market share. GreenWorks is focused on continuing to build the green marketplace and ready to grow the company and innovative services. We are committed to reducing our collective carbon footprint and other measures to live our green values.